The Energy Equity Project

The Energy Equity Project will create an Equity Measurement Framework as an “off the shelf” guide to equity measurement for clean energy professionals that will standardize the industry’s approach to measurement and reporting.

The E3B Mapping Project

The Energy Efficiency Equity Baseline (or “E3B”) map visualizes investor-owned electric utilities’ investments into energy efficiency programs for low-income customers.

Winter, Health, Housing, and Energy (WH2E) Study

Our goal is to provide data that will help develop policies and programs to make housing more healthy, efficient, and affordable for all.

Household Water Security in Metro Detroit

Water insecurity, broadly understood to be a lack of access to safe, reliable, and affordable drinking water and wastewater services, is a pressing, but frequently hidden issue in Southeast Michigan.

Investigating City Commitments to 100% Renewable Energy

In collaboration with ILSR and the Sierra Club, this research aimed to understand the mechanisms cities use to achieve their renewable energy goals while implementing and maintaining energy democracy.

Reducing Energy Insecurity in Detroit

This research fully integrates community perspectives in the design, application and testing of emerging smart technologies, individualized residential energy management approaches, and energy rate structure reform to realize cost savings, improved energy efficiency and conservation, and enhanced health equity.