Tony G. Reames, Assistant Professor, Director

Dr. Tony G. Reames is an assistant professor at the University of Michigan School for Environment & Sustainability. He conducts research in the emerging field of energy justice, investigating fair and equitable access to affordable, reliable, efficient and clean energy, and seeks to understand the production and persistence of spatial, racial, and socioeconomic residential energy disparities. He has a PhD in public administration, a Masters in engineering management, and a BS in civil engineering. Dr. Reames is also a licensed professional engineer and a veteran US Army Officer.

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Justin Schott, Project Manager

Justin Schott serves as Project Manager of the Energy Equity Project. Prior to coming to EEP, Schott was Executive Director of EcoWorks, a Detroit non-profit, from 2015-2020. He is an avid social entrepreneur and a recognized sustainability leader in Detroit. Schott has chaired the Coalition to Keep Michigan Warm and is a member of steering committees of the Detroit Environmental Agenda; Housing, Health and Heatwaves project; and Southeast Michigan Stewardship Coalition. Most recently, he is project manager of the Detroit Climate Strategy and architect of Net Zero For All, Starting Today (F.A.S.T.), an initiative to eliminate climate pollution in SE Michigan while keeping equity and justice front and center.

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Dominic Bednar, Doctoral Candidate

Dominic is a doctoral candidate. The crux of his research lies in understanding how institutional barriers across federal, state, and local levels enable the persistence of household energy inequities such as increased energy inefficiency and increased energy burdens.

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Madeline Miller, doctoral Student

Madeline joins in Fall 2021

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Karl Hoesch, Doctoral Student

Karl joined in Fall 2020.

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Urban Energy Justice Lab Alumni