PhD Dissertations

Student Title Year
Dominic Bednar
Topic: Energy Justice Current
Karl Hoesch
Topic: Energy Justice Current
Lixi Liu
Decarbonization Pathways for Buildings via Product Replacement, End of Life Management, and Energy Demand Response (Chair: Greg Keoleian) 2020

MS/BS Theses/Practicum

Student Title Year
Jordan UEJL PhotoJordan Larson Topic: Urban Heat Islands Current
Gabriel Gadsden
Topic: Indoor Environmental Quality Current
AFarthing_AtacamaAmanda Farthang Topic: Local Government Energy Resilience (Co-chair: Michael Craig) Current
Hutchens_KateKate Hutchens Topic: Community-based Energy Justice Current

Michael Reiner
Topic: Energy Efficiency Equity Current
img_5371Sacha-Rose Phillips To Surveil or to Sustain: Perceptions of Smart Meters in Rural Jamaica MS/MPA, 2020
AshleyMarkAshley Mark Helping David Defeat Goliath: Coalition Building to Achieve Procedural Justice in Utility Integrated Resource Planning BS, 2020
Michael Zimmerman
Overcoming Barriers to Wind Energy Development: A Case Study Analysis of Native American Projects BS, 2020
Nicholas Simon
Policy Proposal for Low- to Moderate-Income (LMI) Community Solar Programs in the American Sunbelt Region BS, 2019
Nalin Bhatia
Design of a Cost-effective, Modular, and Energy-efficient Home MS, 2018
Eric Krostich
Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment: Using Three Project-Based Strategies to Make Real-World Impact MS/MBA, 2018
Shiva RaissiCharmakani
A Programmatic Assessment of the U.S. Department of Energy Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program MS, 2018
Lino Sanchez
Cooling Detroit: A Socio-Spatial Analysis of Equity in Green Roofs as an Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategy MS, 2018
Dominic Bednar
The Intersection of Energy and Justice: Exploring the Spatial, Racial, and Socioeconomic Patterns of Residential Heating Affordability, Consumption and Efficiency in Wayne County, Michigan MS, 2016

MS Projects & Dow Sustainability Fellows

Team Title Client Year
  • Asia Island
  • Julia Kehoe
  • Elizabeth Wallace
Building the Foundation for a Residential Utility Affordability Program in Detroit and Highland Park Ecoworks 2020 (Dow)

  • Sabrina Vivian
  • Kanchan Swaroop
  • Matt Haugen
  • Sammy VanDyke
  • Sydney Troost
Building Energy Democracy into City Commitments for 100% Renewable Energy Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)& Sierra Club 2020

  • Malavika Sahai
  • Kely Markley
  • Chris Askew-Merwin
  • Cria Kay
  • Dahlia Rockowitz
Water Security in Southeast Michigan Ecoworks 2019

  • Caillin Buchanan
  • Tyler Fitch
  • Benny Jeong
  • Anna Lenhart
Souladarity 2018 (Dow)
Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.22.58 AM

  • Reema Abi-Akar
  • Gabriel Jones
  • Yi Tang
  • (Co-advisor: Greg Keoleian)
An Analysis of Waste Management and Zero Waste in Detroit, Michigan Michigan Environmental Justice Council 2017
  • Brian La Shier
  • Junhong Liang
  • Chayatach Pasawongse
  • Gianna Petito
  • Whitney Smith
  • (Co-advisor: Paul Mohai)
Improving Institutional Access to Clean Energy Incentives through Research and Education Ecology Center 2016