Tedd Moya Mose

August 1, 2018. Tedd Moya Mose, doctoral student at Queen Mary University of London, has joined the Urban Energy Justice Lab and Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability as a visiting graduate student.

Tedd  holds a PhD scholarship at the Energy Law Institute at Queen Mary University of London, supervised by Professor Raphael Heffron.   His interdisciplinary research interests focus on: international energy law and policy, the transition to sustainable energy systems, energy justice, and the role of technology in shaping a more sustainable energy future. He has held visiting multidisciplinary visiting research positions at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland (School of Geography and Sustainable Development) and the University of Cape Town, South Africa (Energy Research Centre). Tedd is a qualified lawyer and has advised on  energy, environmental and natural  resources law, corporate and commercial law, and dispute resolution.

Tedd will conduct comparative research during his time in the US on the following themes: 1) the energy trilemma (interaction of the law with economic, environmental, and political challenges in the energy sector); 2) the just energy transition; 3) enhancing the role of non-state actors in energy regulation; and 4) the role of law in dealing with risk in energy systems.

Tedd will visit and interview a diverse set of energy stakeholders, to include individuals in legal practice, corporations, regulators, government, developers, energy utilities, NGOs, and research institutes. He will also guest lecture in the Energy Justice graduate course.