Shu Wu

October 1, 2018. Shu Wu, doctoral student at Zhejiang University, has joined the Urban Energy Justice Lab and Center for Sustainable Systems at University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability as a visiting graduate student.

Shu  holds a PhD scholarship at the China Academy for Rural Development at Zhejiang University, supervised by Professor Hongyun Han. His interdisciplinary research interests focus on: residential energy transition, residential energy intensity, residential biomass energy consumption behavior, rural energy policy and agricultural energy efficiency. Currently, Shu has published two papers in Energy Policy and Energy Economics. In addition, he has two submitted papers, one finished working manuscript and a working paper.

Shu has participated in many academic projects hosted by Professor Hongyun Han and sponsored by the National Social Science Fund of China, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China and the Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang province.

Shu will conduct research during his time in the US on the following themes: 1) urban-rural dichotomy of residential energy dynamics; 2) China’s agricultural energy efficiency and its decomposition; 3) energy consumption difference between the US and China; 4) energy consumption and its environmental impact.