Dr. Reames is featured in a new video from The Verge exploring “The science and controversy behind your lightbulbs.” The tech that powers your lightbulbs has made huge leaps forward in the past few years, and is making a big difference in home energy use. But shifting political winds are now threatening the lightbulb revolution that’s only just begun.

Efforts to improve energy efficiency in homes and other buildings is key to reducing our energy consumption, which leads to lower utility bills, improved indoor air quality, and less pollution from nearby power plants. Unfortunately, access to and affordability of energy efficiency and its benefits are not equitable in the United States. That’s why we need national efficiency standards, although the Trump administration believes otherwise – having most recently torpedoed scheduled efficiency improvements for light bulbs.

View more about our light bulb availability and affordability study An incandescent truth: Disparities in energy-efficient lighting availability and prices in an urban US county.

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