Mike, Ben & Dominic with their award-winning posters

The Urban Energy Justice Lab (UEJL) made its debut at an international conference and brought home awards. UEJL team members Dominic Bednar, Mike Reiner and Ben Stacey presented research posters at the 1st International Conference on Energy Research and Social Science held April 2-5, 2017 in Melia Sitges, Spain. The group’s two posters tied for 2nd Prize in the Best Poster Award out of 118 posters.

MS Students Mike Reiner and Ben Stacey won for their poster “The Incandescent Truth: Socioeconomic Disparities in Energy Efficient Technology Access and Affordability.”

PhD Student Dominic Bednar won for his poster “The Intersection of Energy and Justice: Exploring spatial, racial and socioeconomic patters of residential heating affordability, consumption and efficiency in the U.S. Great Lakes Region.”